Essays:::Liliana Menéndez
Essays:::Liliana Menéndez
Essays:::Liliana Menéndez Essays:::Liliana Menéndez

Text::: Liliana Menéndez

Colaboraciones con artículos para páginas web:

"From Simplicity to Complexity"
Rresearch on the works of illustrator Istvan, argentinian candidate for the Andersen Prize, 2001. Published in the bibliographical works of Hans Christian Andersen Prize and in the Web site of above mencioned illustrator.

"In wonderland"
Anthony Bowne, english illustrator, winner of the Andersen Prize.
Interview in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, published by the Cultural Edition of the daily newspaper "La Voz del Interior", Córdoba, Argentina, 2000

"The museum goes to the school"
Proyect organized by Museo Provincial Emilio Caraffa. Published by DEIP, Ministry of Culture and Education, Cordoba chapter, 2000. (temporarily suspended).

"Bridging bridges"
Project for the Communication and Media Organization, Board of Primary and High Schools, 2000.

"Unity and Division"
Poetry and image.
Lecture given by the author at the Buenos Aires Book Fair.1999: Children's illustration in Argentina (co - participation), Latinamerican Literature Magazine for young and children.
Norma- Fundalectura, Colombia, 2000.

Theater currículum
Microexperiencia de Extensión de Jornada. (co-participation). Writing and planning. Organized by the Board of Educational Policies of the Education Ministry, Cordoba, 2000.

News Letter for teachers. General Board of DEIP N* 1 y 2, 2000.

"The spinning maids of Velázquez"
Article. Cultural edition of the Daily Newspaper La Voz del Interior, 1999.

"The world you read as seen through the eyes of the illustrator".
Conference. Article published at the 6th International Congress for Y Youth and Children Literature. Cedilij. Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba, 1999.

"So is Fefa"
Lecture for the presentation and research (unpublished) of the Collection at the Book Fair, Cordoba, 1999.

Analytical work on the illustrations of Maria Rojas for "Blum".
Lecture (unpublished) at the Book Fair, Cordoba, 1999.

"As if your eyes could always be somewhere else"
Article published in Piedra Libre Magazine, N* 19, Cedilij. Cordoba, 1998.
Also published in flyers at the Profesional Asociation of Valencian Illustratiors, España, 1999.

"Is illustrating for the young affecting the written word"
Conference, published at the IV International Literature congress for young and children. Ceddiflij. Faculty of Social Science. National University of San Luis, 1997.
Published in Book Bank, Caracas, Venezuela. Published in the literature magazine "Cuentaquete cuenta", Costa Rica, 1998

"A look that can read what is shown"
Conferencia. Published by Cedilij for the Fifth International Congress of Young and Children Literature. Villa Guiardino, Cordoba, 1997.

"To see the unseen"
Conference. Cultural Centre General San Martin, Buenos Aires, published by SADOP. Teacher's training network., 1995

"La lectura, una mirada que nos compromete"
(Reading, an engaged view).
Essay written for Teacher's training program. Co-participation, Ministry of Education.DIIE. (not published,), 1995.

"Writing from the border"
Article and interview to Graciela Montes. Published in the Cultural Review of the daily La Voz del Interior, Cordoba, 1995.

Research and presentation of the works of the illustrator Oscar Rojas.
Argentinian candidate for the Andersen Prize. . Published in the bibliographical works of Hans C. Andersen, Alija/IBBY, Argentina, The Netherlands. 1995.

Doré, fables illustrator
Article published in the Cultural Review of the daily La Voz del Interior, Cordoba, 1994.


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